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NZSL Classes - Terms & Conditions

1.      Classes

    a.      Each 15-week course is self-contained, and completion of one level does not require the participant to complete other successive levels.
    b.      Class timetables are dependent on various resources being available, and as such ADS reserves the right to change any course dates and times, or to cancel a class.
    c.       ADS Inc is not under any obligation to provide additional classes beyond the enrolment period.
    d.      Changing classes is at the sole discretion of the Programmes Administrator. A student may be eligible for transfer to another class at the same/different level, if it is deemed more suitable to their level of ability, or more practical for the student in terms of attending classes, or any other reasonable circumstances.
    e.      A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who have attended at least 80% of the course i.e. 12 of the 15 classes.
    f.        Make-up Classes are possible if a student requests a class to make up 80% attendance, but this must be taken in the same 7 or 8-week term and will be dependent on available places and tutors.

    2.      Registration

    a.      Registration is usually completed on-line, but if you have any special accessibility needs, then please contact the Programmes Administrator – details below.
    b.      This is an adult’s course. There is a minimum age of 16 years old.

    3.      Payment

    a.      Payment is preferred online at the time of registration. If this is not possible, payment is due within 7 days to confirm your place. You can
    1)      Pay online to Account number 12-3067-0262615-00
    Particulars: Your Name; Code: Your Class e.g. Beg 1; and Reference: Invoice Number; or
    2)      Visit our office at 16 Hillsborough Rd, Three Kings, and pay by cash or EFTPOS.

    4.      Cancellation

    a.      In the event a class is cancelled prior to the start of the semester, students will be notified, and class fees will be refunded.

     5.      Refunds

    a.      If a student cancels 7 days (or more) prior to the course starting, ADS Inc will refund to your specified bank account.
    b.      No refunds are given if enrolment is cancelled after classes have commenced.

    6.        Tutor out of class contact

    a.      Any out of class enquiries / correspondence from students for a response by the tutors must be directed to the Programmes Administrator, and not to the tutors.

    7.      Class code of conduct

    a.      Students will attend classes punctually and stay for the duration of the classes.
    b.      The purpose of the class is to acquire NZSL therefore during class time only NZSL is to be used in conversation.
    c.       Students will pay attention to the tutor and comply with all reasonable instructions.
    d.      Students will not disrupt the class with excessive noise or distraction.
    e.      Eating and drinking during class time is not permitted.
    f.        Each class will have a ten-minute break. During break time NZSL conversation is encouraged, but students may use spoken language if necessary. Food and drink may be consumed during break times, and light refreshments may be provided. Gold coin donation requested.

    8.      Standards of Teaching
    a.      All tutors complete the Certificate in Deaf Studies from Victoria University, Wellington.
    b.      Tutors are usually members of the NZSLTA (NZ Sign Language Teachers Association).
    c.       Tutors teach a standard curriculum at Beginner Levels 1&2, and otherwise guide students through a graduated path of learning at Intermediate and Advanced Level.
    d.      Tutors are obligated to prepare and deliver all classes in a professional manner and always maintain professional conduct with students.
    e.      Concerns, enquiries, or complaints about classes are subject to our complaints policy and should be referred to the Programmes Administrator. 

    Programme Administrator

    Email: Phone: 09 630 6980


    Download Terms and conditions here NZSL_Terms_Conditions.pdf

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