June 2023 | Issue #225

ADS President's news - June 2023

Tena koutou katoa,

Deaf Deaf World was held on Friday 12th May here at Deaf Club and was well attended. Then on Saturday APODC Family Day was held here at Deaf Club and it was a great way for people to connect.  It was lovely to see a gathering of approximately 85 people join in the fun to celebrate NZSL Week.

NZSL Week came to an end on Saturday 13th with a Fun Quiz and we had a DJ playing music.  It was lovely to see families coming together and enjoying the evening and getting up to dance together.

NZSL Quiz was organised by Fiona Damm. Interested in different presentations with PowerPoint. Thank you, handwaves Fiona.

The AUT 2nd Year students held a Community Engagement Day on Saturday 20th May from 10-2 pm. It was another nice way to come together with a variety of activities as well as lunch provided.

Auckland NZSL Sports has just been established by Norman Norris with my collaboration as a trial, to see how they go. We had three meetings so far and I want to thank community members who attended and contributed to the discussion. There will be an update soon.

Let you know that I will be stepping down as President at the AGM in August. I would like to see new faces on the board. Any questions, please contact me or Mike Granger.

Club Manager's news - June 2023

Kia ora all ADS members, NZSL Week 2023 was a fantastic week with lots of social media publicity popping up everywhere and also seeing NZSL being used on TV.

This month on Thursday 18th May Youth Week being celebrated and we had some students from Ko Taku Reo come to Deaf Club to learn more about youth leadership training. I was pleased to be a part of it and nice to see young people coming together.

On the same day, it worked out that the Deaf Wellbeing Society were able to use the Clubrooms to put on a memorial service for Patreena Bryan who recently passed away. Patreena was a well loved member of the Club and it was a nice way for people to say their goodbyes. Thank you to Abbie Twiss and Deaf Wellbeing for organising this.

The Board is looking for some volunteers to be involved in reviewing the following:

  • Strategic Planning:

  • Working Group for Community feedback

  • Design group

It won't require a lot of time but looking for interested people to focus on the above projects over a 1/2 month period.  Anyone interested to be involved please contact Michael Granger or myself.

Thank you to those people who have volunteered to be involved in the tidying up of ADS History records. We now have 6 volunteers.

You may have noticed there is working happening in the Clubrooms replacing the ceiling.  It was decided that as parts of the ceiling had been damaged due to leaks and was old and uneven it was better to replace the full ceiling with gib board.  Thank you to John and his team of volunteers for doing this work. Hope the next time you visit Deaf Club it will be all finished.

You will all have received the email letting you know the AGM this year will be held on Saturday 12th August.  More information to come later.

And finally, keep Friday the 23rd June for a mid-winter Xmas gathering.  Tell you more later 😉.

DWS Drop in Centre activities.  Macrame.  Thursday 1st June 2023

DWS Drop in Centre activities.  Macrame.  Thursday 1st June 2023

Auckland Council Food Scraps Program

DWS - Food Scraps - Auckland Council, on Thursday 15th June 2023 at 12pm

Give us your rukenga kai and we will turn them into clean energy and liquid fertiliser to grow more kai.

Just put them into your food scraps bin and we will collect them weekly on your council collection day.

We are aiming for zero waste by 2040 and keeping your food scraps out of the rubbish is a great way you can help.

Check online if your property is in a collection area and if you will receive a food scraps bin.

You can also sign up for reminders about when your food scraps bin will be delivered and when collections start in your area.


Combined statement from qualified CODA interpreters practicing in Aotearoa New Zealand to NZSL board and ODI

This statement is written in full support of the statements released by SLIANZ, AUT, and Deaf Aotearoa, in their opposition to the proposed short course option for NZSL-English interpreting. It represents the views of qualified, practicing NZSL interpreters who are Children of Deaf Adult/s (CODAs).


November 2-5, 2023, Hollywood.SignLight International Film Festival! This festival connects Deaf filmmakers with the industry and creates an authentic space for Deaf Filmmakers! Come to this festival to experience adedicated space to showcasing our work, to meet with the best of best in Deaf film making and create future opportunities! 


Friday 2nd June - Nutrition & Eating Healthy workshop in the hall

Friday 9th June - Enable Good Lives (EGL) presentation by Pia Jane

Friday 16th June - Normal night

Saturday 17th June - Fun cards games from 4pm onward

Friday 23rd June - Mid Xmas party

Friday 30th June - Deaf Poker tournament

FAST X | Official Trailer 2 (Universal Studios) - HD

NZSL Interpreted Musical Theatre - Kinky Boots

Tuesday 13 June at 7:30pm

The Civic, Auckland CBD

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the charm and flair of this internationally acclaimed musical!

$59.00 per person | To book tickets, email - or phone - 09 970 9745. NZSL Access Code: SIGNED

NZSL Interpreted Theatre - The Magic Faraway Tree

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. Adapted by Tim Bray, with songs by Christine White. Based on The Magic Faraway Tree and Enchanted Wood series of books by Enid Blyton. Jo, Beth and Frannie move to the country and discover a huge tree full of magical people, and magical lands- some nice, some not so nice! The beautiful show has fun and exciting adventures.

The PumpHouse Theatre

Saturday 24th June, 5.00pm (Gala),

Wednesday 28th June, 10:30am and Saturday 15th July, 10.30am

Discount tickets available for Deaf. Tickets are $25.00, and a companion ticket is available at the same price for a support person or family member.


Or use NZ Relay to call 09 489 8360 or visit the theatre box office.


Nutrition & Health Eating

Are you always tired? Problems sleeping? Trying to find the right balance with eating? This workshop will help you realise what exactly you need for your health and to take better care of yourself! You can ask the nutrition expert questions face-to-face.

This will include group discussion, goody bag and a prize! Refreshments and NZSL interpreter will be provided

ACE Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Learner’s Driver License Workshop

This workshop is focused on learner’s license theory, great for those wanting to learn more about the road code. It would bring benefits for you, including being able to get jobs that requires driver’s licence, and your independence. You must be 16+.

You will learn about the road rules and how to be safe on the road. The course will have activities and quiz. Refreshments provided.

Please note that doing this course does not mean you will get the licence, this is for learning only.

ACE 2309 - Learner's licence theory

First Aid Course

Do you want to learn the first aid course? Join this workshop course for your future work. Did you attend a first aid course two years ago? You need to update this course on refresh first aid.

Bring your own lunch. We will provide coffee and tea. NZSL interpreter will be available.

ACE  First Aid and Refresher

This course is fun, interactive & give you some useful communication strategies for communicating with Deaf people. We teach you some signs for basic NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language) so your organisation is more accessible for Deaf customers and/or colleagues. In addition, we include vocabulary that is relevant to your organisation.

For further information or general enquiries, please contact the NZSL Administrator, email: or phone:  (09) 630 6980.


Access to sports, social & recreational clubs who organise events, trips & excursions.


Invitations to workshops, seminars,  educational opportunities & special events including picnics, parties & celebrations.


Discounts at our bar and we serve yummy food at the Sign Café.


Receive our monthly newsletter & email containing NZSL videos!

7TH JUNE - Marion will organise the fun games

21ST JUNE - go to Mid Xmas lunch at Swanson RSA

5th JULY - bingo games

12TH JULY - Visiting Auckland Musuem

19TH JULY - Sharron will organise the Quiz games

We have AGM Meeting in March 2023

Chairperson – Sharron Attwood

Secretary -  Marion Forrest

Treasurer -  Marion Forrest - Sharron Attwood is back up

Colleen Norris was awarded a life membership to ADS Seniors.

I would like to say a big thank you to Colleen, Norman and John Mansell, who has for many years, served in our Deaf Senior committees. Hand waves.

Last Easter Weekend, one of our Deaf Seniors,  John Mansell went to Australia for Ten Pin Bowling tournament, he played against Australia players. He got the Tasman Trophy. Congratulations, John!

Next Meetup

Saturday 1st July 2023 | 9.00 am

Meet at Titirangi Library car park. Two groups - one for slow walk and one for fast walk group. Meet at 12 pm for lunch at Deco Restaurant in Titirangi. If interested, please text Monica on 021 073 9497.

NZ Deaf Football

Parents of Deaf kids / CODA / anyone involved in Deaf community - We have an opportunity for our upcoming 2023 Futsal championships.

We want to know what the interest is first before we decide what to do...

Do we want to organise some futsal games for our young kids? or....Do we want to organise a proper futsal camp where they can learn skills and have a structured programme provided by someone? or do they just want to have a court to kick a ball around on while you play in the championships?

For this survey - we are looking at two age groups of 5-7 and 8-15. 16 and over are to play in the Adults championship.

Any questions - contact us on or complete the form here

Championship Information - We aim to release this on the 1st of June.


Auckland NZSL Sports

Anyone interested to playing:


Tenpin bowling

8 Ball Snooker

Touch Rugby



Indoor Bowls

Please contact Norman and he will give you the contact person of each sports.

Norman Norris (

Interpreter Co-ordinator

Fixed term, full-time role | No one day is ever the same!

We’re looking for an Interpreter Co-ordinator to join our vibrant interpreting team based in either our Auckland campus in Kelston or our Christchurch campus in Sumner on a 12 month fixed term basis. Whilst we implement a new booking system, you will work closely with the Interpreter Co-ordinator who is based in Auckland and will be responsible for the interpreter bookings of our 300+ staff across our great country. 

Make no mistake, that’s a lot of bookings with a lot of details! You’re a great communicator, you’re details crazy, and when things go wrong (and they will!) your humour and calm typically prevail.


CESW Practice Teacher

National focus | Assist the CESW Lead in overseeing the professional development of paraprofessional staff employed by local schools receiving NZSL@School funding.



Ko Taku Reo Deaf Education New Zealand isa nationwide team of teaching, learning and professional services staff whoshare a passion and enthusiasm for delivering high quality education andservices to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and their whānau.  


As the CESW Practice Teacher you will work closely with the CESW Lead in overseeing the professional development of paraprofessional staff employed by local schools receiving NZSL@School funding.  This role actively supports theDeaf/Hearing partnership. This is a full time adult teaching role.


NZSLTA Manager

Job Advertisement – NZSLTA Manager

We are looking for a Manager who will lead the day-to-day operations of NZSLTA.

We are looking for a person who has:

  • Strong leadership skills working effectively with other people to achieve NZSLTA’s strategic plan outcomes.

  • Clear communication skills in both NZSL and English for effective communication with members, NZSL learners, partner organisations, funders, and other stakeholders.

  • Excellent organisation skills to make sure the NZSLTA Executive Board can govern effectively and to ensure sure NZSLTA financial and legal responsibilities are met.

This role involves:

  • Coordinating actions to achieve NZSLTA’s strategic plan outcomes.

  • Communicating with a range of stakeholders.

  • Making sure financial and legal obligations are kept up to date.

  • Submitting monthly reports to NZSLTA Executive Committee.

  • Organising monthly meetings for NZSLTA Executive Committee.

Salary range $60,000 – $75,000


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